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Accendo provides services to early stage companies. We assess your current state, strengths and weaknesses. We then provide Business Planning, Administration, Management and Capital related services as needed to assist in building a solid foundation leading to predictable execution and strong valuations.

Business Planning

We know that “one-size” does not fit all. Therefore we leverage our network of business executives and entrepreneurs to provide a team with experience in your industry that can provide services ranging from plan reviews to full plan development, staffing and execution.

Company Formation

Our clients are innovators, inventors and experts in their fields. However they often do not have the background or the desire to manage the business and administrative tasks necessary to properly establish and grow a business. Accendo’s Start-Up services ensure that you get started with a solid foundation.

Management Services

No one can do it all and it is often not feasible to hire full time employees to fill all the roles necessary to start and grow a successful business. Accendo will assess your team, provide a gap analysis, and help you bring in key players on a consulting basis until you are ready to make these key hires.


Understanding your Capital needs is just part of the picture. You also need to know how to align working capital requirements with your Business Plan and actual results. Accendo's team will assess your working capital needs and help you build a funding plan that allows you to maintain the control and amount of ownership that you want.

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